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The Ladies of the Chinkchewunska Chapter Need your Help

Help Save the Wagon House

Raise the Roof


The members of the Chinkchewunska Chapter have been working for several years to raise the funds to “save the wagon house.” We have held several fundraisers, bake sales, sold homemade jam, and applied for several grants.

We arevery excited to share with you that with your help, we have raised enough money to begin the preservation project! Currently, the woodshed (open portion) of the wagon house has been raised off the ground so that a foundation can be put under it to stabilize the structure. Once the foundation is done, the rotten sill plate will be replaced. Many of the boards on the back of the wagon house are rotting, so they will be replaced as well.

The preservation of the wagon house is progressing well - from the ground up, but now we need to “raise the roof.” The contractor has given us an estimate of an additional $30,000 needed to complete the rest of the work required to “save the wagon house” which includes a new cedar shake roof. We are counting on supportive members you like you to help us reach our goal. Can you help us by “purchasing” a shingle?

Purchase a Shingle

Proceeds to Benefit the Museum



The Chinkchewunska Chapter will be hosting a 50/05 Raffle from now until July 14, 2019 - our last day of our Christmas in July Event.  Winner will receive 50% of the total amount received for all tickets or rights to participate. No substitution of the offered prize may be made. Winner need not be present - No one under 18 may participate.   Proceed to benefit our beloved museum.  Please see a member for tickets.

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